We provide surgeons, and those who serve the needs of surgeons, with precision endoscopic instruments.

Are any of these statements true for you?

"I have an idea for a new surgical tool! I'm a surgeon who's come up with an idea for a new instrument... or an improvement to an existing tool... something that would really help me in my work. This would not only help me but my colleagues and other surgeons as well. But how do I take it from concept to reality?"
"I need more instruments! I have my own medical practice or work in a private clinic. I want to purchase medical instruments directly. Where can I go?"
"As a vendor, I know of surgeons who have asked me for this tool or that, but I don't have those tools to sell. There's obviously a demand for those things... How do I supply them with what they want if those things don't exist?"
"As a supplier, I need a reliable source of endoscopic instruments of the highest quality. And, given the choice, instruments which were designed and manufactured in Australia."

Clients are likely to be successful with us if...

You require the highest of standards in the development and production of surgical instruments. We have a reputation for unmatched functionality, precision, user-friendliness and durability of our expanding range of products, and we will not tarnish that reputation.

You are open to understanding the effort required to design and manufacture new products. You are ready to combine your original ideas with our unique design and manufacturing skills to provide a rapid and sure path from concept to production.

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